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8830 Rally 6-Wheeler

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Click the image to download the LDraw file of this model.
Model by Benjamin Wendl

1990 featured 3 models centered around a "Rally" theme.  This first model is not recognizable as any specific real vehicle (unless someone can point one out to me).  This small vehicle features 6 wheels.  The front and rear sets have rack and pinion steering.  The Technic figure also made a reappearance here after being absent for a year.  Toothed elements were used to make a roll bar and steering column.

There was really nothing new introduced in this vehicle, although it is an example of one of the smaller sets yet released at that time.  Each of the Rally vehicles had a special numbered flag which matched the third digit of the set number, in this case "3".


The front and rear wheels can be steered using an overhead "hand of god" control driving a 24 tooth spur gear.  A crown gear is on an axle with a pair of 8 tooth pinion gears.   This final axle runs to both the forward and rear gear racks which drives them in opposite directions at the same ratio.

The steering mechanism itself uses control arms and toothed links as shown in the computer image.

steering    steering
Click for an animation of the steering in motion.
Wheels and Tires
This set uses six small rubber tires and standard old white wheels.

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Side View
side view
Top View
top view
Front View
front view
Back View
back view
Computer Render

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