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Play Sets: Speed Slammers
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8238 Dueling Dragsters

iso revolve
Click the image to download the LDraw file of this model.
Model by gerger

This pair of drag racers is part of the Speed Slammers line so it is also made to use with the slammer launchers.  This is the only set in the series to come with two cars and two launchers and so can be used for competitive races out of the box.

The 3 speed slammers released this year are modular and can usually be separated into a front and back section which can then be combined with the other models.


Slammer Launcher
This model can be propelled with the included slammer launchers. Each  launcher is made to be struck with a palm or fist which rotates a pair of 10L axles to push the model forward.  Rubber bands then lift the striker back up.

This model also comes with a pair of thin plastic ramps to use for jumping the models.

launcher    ramp
Click for an animation of the slammer in motion.

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