Supplemental Sets
Supplemental Comparisons

Supplemental Sets

Supplemental Sets were released occasionally over the years (especially the early years) to provide additional parts for people who didn't want to buy new models with instructions.  These tended to be small and have a variety of spare parts which were also available in regular sets.  In some cases, the supplemental sets had unique parts which couldn't be obtained any other way.  Technic figures were released three times this way.  It was also very common for regular Technic sets to have the option to be motorized, with the motor only available as a supplemental set.


870/960 Technical Motor 4.5V

871/961 Supplementary Set

872 Two Gear Blocks

874 Yellow Beams with Connector Pegs

875 Red Beams with Connector Pegs

876 Blue Beams with Connector Pegs

877 Steering Gear Parts

878 Piston Parts

879 Gear Wheels with Chain Links

880 12 Volt Motor

5206 Speed Computer

5218 Pneumatic Pack

5219 Silver Wheel Multi Pack

5220 Vehicle Styling Pack
5221 Motorized Base Pack

5222 Vehicle Chassis Pack

5223 Wind-Up Motor

8287 Motor Box

8293 Motor Set

8300 LEGO Technic Guys
8700 Power Pack

8710 Technical Elements
8712 Technic Figures

8714 The LEGO Technic Guys
8735 9V Motor Set

8720 9V Motor Set


Feature Comparison

These sets really can't be compared.  As miscellaneous sets, they don't have anything in common.

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