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8820 Mountain Rambler

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Model by Benjamin Wendl

The small truck 8820, released in 1991, appears to be fashioned after a World War II era Jeep.  Like a Jeep, the front windshield can be folded down.  This model also has front rack and pinion steering and rear swing arm solid axle suspension.  A spare tire is affixed to the rear.  Construction is pretty straightforward for the time, using mostly regular stud assembly.

This model is unremarkable but a good set at entry level.


The front wheels can be steered using a wheel at the driver's position.  The wheel drives an axle connected to a 8 tooth pinion gear.  The gear drives a flexible rack.  The steering mechanism itself uses steering arms and toothed links.

steering    steering
Click for an animation of the steering in motion.
The rear wheels are supported by a trailing swing arm with a single central shock absorber.  The wheels are actually supported on axle pins which are in a different location than the axle which connects the two arms.
suspension    suspension
Click for an animation of the suspension in motion.
Wheels and Tires
This set uses 4 of the old white wheels with the slightly larger plastic tires.

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Side View
side view
Top View
top view
Front View
front view
Back View
back view
Computer Render

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