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8816 Off-Road Rambler

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Model by Benjamin Wendl

This little Jeep, released in 1994, is surprisingly functional considering its small size.  It has rack and pinion steering and independent rear trailing arm suspension.  On top of that, it looks pretty good!  I think little details like the front bumper and the hinged front fenders add a lot to the appearance.

This model is unremarkable but a good set at entry level.


The front wheels can be steered using a wheel at the driver's position.  The wheel drives an axle connected to a 16 tooth pinion gear.  The gear drives a rack.  The steering mechanism itself uses control arms and toothed links.

It is unusual to have the pinion gear meet the rack at a non-parallel angle, earning this model a small mark of distinction.
steering    steering
Click for an animation of the steering in motion.
The rear wheels are supported by a pair of trailing swing arms, each with a single shock absorber.  This results in independent rear suspension, a feature nearly unheard of in such a small model, not to mention very unusual for even a real 4x4 vehicle.  On the other hand, the axles are not actually driven by anything which makes the whole thing much easier!

Pay no attention to the mysterious shadows in the animation.  They are probably just a phantom or something.
suspension    suspension
Click for an animation of the suspension in motion.
Wheels and Tires
This set uses 4 of the new small balloon tires and wheels.

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Side View
side view
Top View
top view
Front View
front view
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back view
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