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Parts and Construction

Parts and Instructions
This model contains 512 parts (pictured).  Most are standard plates and a few bricks.  At upper left are the Technic beams and the axles and gears have also been separated.  Note the large number of 16L beams and 4x and 6x plates.

The main instructions are in a booklet with 31 main steps divided into 3 main sections, and the alternate model instructions are also included in the back.  There are also photos of how to motorize both the main and alternate models with the optional 4.5V 870 Motor.

Like all Expert Builder sets, this model also came with a booklet showing many ideas of how to make alternate models by combining the parts of this set with other sets.
The following images show the construction at intermediate stages.  This model is build in 3 main modules:  the boom, the superstructure, and the carrier.
  • The blue telescoping boom.  It is 2L wide with a structure made entirely of beams.  Note the rack gears running the entire length.
  • The trough that forms the outer boom.  Note the tiles along the bottom of the trough.  The inner boom will slide along these.
  • The outer boom more complete.  The axle along the length controls the telescoping motion.
  • The completed boom.  There are plates across the top to contain the inner boom.  The vertical member at the end of the boom is required to keep it from prying apart when fully extended.
  • The beginning of the superstructure.  The gear racks which lift the boom and the string spool can be seen.
  • The completed superstructure.  The ratchet and the cabin have been attached.
  • The beginning of the carrier.  The wheel supports can be seen.
  • More progress on the carrier.  The outriggers are lined with tiles and rest on tiles to allow translation.  The axle through the center will go through the turntable.
  • The completed carrier.  The plates across the top retain the outriggers and the tiles provide extra support for the superstructure as it rotates.
  • The completed model.

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Alternate Model(s)

Dump Truck
This rather large dump truck can be built as an alternate model.  It does not have any steering, but the rear bed can tile using a crank on the right side.  The rack mechanism which lifts the bed actually rotates during the course of its stroke.  If it did not, it would protrude through the ground plane when the bed is down.
Click for an animation of the bed in motion.

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