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Parts and Construction

Parts and Instructions
This model contains 610 parts (pictured).  Most are standard plates and a few bricks.  At upper left are the Technic beams and the axles and gears have also been separated.

The main instructions are in a booklet with only 16 main steps, and the alternate model instructions are also included in the back.  There are also photos of how to motorize both the main and alternate models with the optional 4.5V 870 Motor.

Like all Expert Builder sets, this model also came with a booklet showing many ideas of how to make alternate models by combining the parts of this set with other sets.
The following images show the construction at intermediate stages.  Despite the complexity of function, the build of this model is quite traditional.

The first two images show the engine and transmission assembly.  First, they are shown in two parts, upper and lower, followed by the complete assembly.  Notice the offset slots on the 24 tooth gears used to make the crankshaft.

The third image shows the front bucket seats and the rear bench seat with arm rest.

The next series of images show the construction of the chassis.
  • The steering assembly.  Notice that it is virtually all bricks and plates.  2x2 turntables are used in 4 places to allow the rotation of the steering arms.  The steering rack is connected with tie rods made from connectors.
  • The lower chassis assembly.  It is one huge flat assembly of base plates and beams.  All the transverse load is transferred through studs since there are no pinned cross members.
  • The completed chassis.  Now the bumpers and seat tracks are installed.  The drive shaft and rear axle are also present.  It looks quite unfinished, but there is nothing left to do except snap in the engine and seats and put on the wheels.
build    build


build    build

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Alternate Model(s)

The alternate model is not readily identifiable, but I think it is some kind of buggy.  The features are similar to the primary model, but simpler.
  • Steering:  The front wheels are steerable from the driver's seat through a rack and pinion assembly.
  • There is a two cylinder engine in the rear.  It is constructed just like the 4 cylinder in the main model, but smaller.  It connects to the rear wheels via a crown gear.
Click for an animation of the engine in motion.
Click for an animation of the steering in motion.
Though there are no instructions for it, the attached idea book shows photos of this body which can be built for the main auto chassis by adding the parts from the 852 helicopter.  It certainly looks much more complete this way, although some of the best features are now hidden.

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