About Blakbird

I am an Aerospace Engineer working in the northwest United States.  I grew up in the 1970's playing with mostly Space LEGO.  The sets I remember most are the 487/924 Space Cruiser, the 6929 Starfleet Voyager, and the 6927 All Terrain Vehicle.  Despite losing many of the pieces, I kept these sets with me into adulthood, when I fell into my LEGO dark ages.  During a strike in the late 1990's, I sold these sets on eBay to make money, but even though they were gone, the love of LEGO was rekindled in me.  I started collecting Space LEGO again, and then one day I saw the 8480 Space Shuttle at the store.  I told myself not to get started with Technic, because I knew I would get hooked on it.  But it was on sale, and it just looked so good that I could not resist.

The rest is history.  8480 remains my favorite set to this day.  Maybe this is because it was my first, or maybe it was just a huge coincidence that I bought the best set first.

For the next several years, I became obsessed with Technic and started trying to get them all.  I had a wood shop at my last house, and the entire upper floor (24x24') was LEGO.  The last time I moved, it took me 6 months to take them apart and another year to put them back together.  In my last house, I added an entire new room to display them.  I am fascinated by the functionality, and wanted a place to share what I have learned about how they all work.  Hopefully it will be a useful resource to people, but it is also fun!

I still collect Space and Star Wars LEGO as well, with a few Model Team and Sculptures thrown in.  My collection currently stands at about 200,000 pieces.


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