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Parts and Construction

Parts and Instructions
This model contains 200 parts (pictured).  Most are standard plates and a few bricks.  At upper left are the Technic beams and the axles and gears have also been separated.

The main instructions are in a booklet with 13 main steps, and the alternate model instructions are also included in the back.  There are also photos of how to motorize both the main and alternate models with the optional 4.5V 870 Motor.

Like all Expert Builder sets, this model also came with a booklet showing many ideas of how to make alternate models by combining the parts of this set with other sets.
The following images show the construction at intermediate stages.

The first image shows the lower steering assembly and the crankshaft of the one cylinder engine driven from one rear wheel.

The second image shows the complete steering assembly and the support for the steering column.

The third image is nearly complete except for the seat and wheels.

build    build

build    build

Alternate Model(s)

Wheel Balancer
Here's an unusual topic.  This is a model of a machine which mounts tires to wheels and possibly balances them.  The wheel is mounted horizontally and the gear on the top can be tilted out of the way with the black lever.  Rotation of the crank causes the gear to spin the tire.
Click for an animation of the machine in motion.
It's important to remember that LEGO Technic is a very versatile medium.  You don't have to build awesome models all the time.  Sometimes you can build crap like this instead with the same parts.

This wierd little trike can steer the front fork using the wheel.
Click for an animation of the steering in motion.

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