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8223 Hydrofoil 7

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Model by Benjamin Wendl

The second smallest set of 1996 was the oddly named 8223 Hydrofoil.  Nothing in the design of this little set really suggests a hydrofoil, especially given the complete lack of foils.  It appears to be something more like an air boat.  The "7" in the title, in any case, is easily explained by the sticker on the front.  Watercraft are among the rarest of Technic subjects, so it is always nice to see one.  This Tech Play model features only a single feature: a rear propeller which spins as a function of forward speed.  The steering wheel is purely ornamental.  This model also includes a Technic figure.


A pair of wheels hidden under the rear of the vehicle drive a 3-blade pusher propeller.  Given the two stages of gear increase, an overall ratio of 4.5:1 drives the prop at a very respectable rate.  The rubber sleeves on the wheels provide adequate traction on most surfaces to drive the prop without slipping.

prop    prop
Click for an animation of the propeller in motion.
This craft is captained by a curiously mustachioed gentleman wearing a blue vest. He appears only in this set and in the 8714 figure assortment.

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