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2010 - Motorized Excavator


2010 saw the release of 10 new sets which included some big surprises.  The 8049 Log Loader contained pneumatics which fans feared had been entirely replaced by the newer Power Functions linear actuators.  It also contained the option for a motorized compressor, only the second set in history to have one.  The flagship model, the 8043 Excavator, contained a record 6 motorized functions and 4 motors with the most complex gearbox ever attached to them.

The set numbering also changed this year.  The 8200 and 8400 series had been in used for 15 years.  This year saw a change to 8000 series numbers which had previously only been used for Universal Sets decades earlier.  In previous years you could deduce quite a bit from the set number if you had some knowledge, including whether or not it was a play set, a technical set, or universal set and how relatively large it was.  The new numbers, by comparison, were merely sequential and therefore did not indicate much of anything.  The largest model of the year had one of the numerically lowest numbers.

Most of the new parts this year were created specifically to make the gearbox in 8043 possible.


8041 Race Truck
8043 Motorized Excavator
8045 Mini Telehandler
8046 Helicopter
8047 Compact Excavator
8048 Buggy
8049 Tractor with Log Loader
8051 Motorbike
8052 Container Truck
8053 Mobile Crane


Gears and Axles
The 3L axle with stud was color coded to be dark tan instead the traditional dark gray.

A new 4L axle with stop was introduced.  It is exactly like the earlier 8L version in function.

A new 7L rack gear was introduced.  It is exactly like the earlier 13L version in function.

The new 20 tooth bevel idler gear was really important.  Although the number of teeth and size of the new version is the same as the earlier version, this version has a smooth bearing hole instead of an axle hole.  This was critical for 8043 because it allows an axle to be used for support without being required to rotate.  The heavily loaded linear actuators which support the boom are connected to the same axle as the input gear which could not be reasonably rotated.  Future years would color code the axle hole version in tan to distinguish it from this idler version.

Brackets and Connectors
A new bevel gear bracket was introduced (shown in black).  Although similar to the bracket released in 2004, it did not replace the older bracket entirely.  This part in particular was critical for the complex gearbox of 8043.

A new pin connector with central hole was very useful for supporting rotating axles.

A new set of panels (#1 and #2) filled in the gaps in the set introduced in the previous year.

Wheels and Tires
A new set of motorcycle wheels and tires was introduced.  Even though the last set from 2005 had not yet been used in another set and were similar in design to the new wheels and tires, still a new set replaced them.  These tires are much easier to install and remove than the prior.
2010 new parts

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